Rhiannon Ally

Rhiannon Ally is an award winning dynamic national television personality.  She currently can be seen across the country on “Better TV”, a syndicated lifestyle and entertainment program, owned by Meredith Broadcasting.  Her career began in local television news in Topeka, Kansas.  She quickly rose to become the station’s award-winning morning anchor.  The quick stint earned her a traffic position at KCTV in Kansas City, Missouri.  During her time, she also served as the station’s feature reporter, interviewing celebrities and other entertainment figures.  Her natural engaging delivery caught the eye of parent company Meredith, and she was quickly promoted to “Better TV” in New York City.  Rhiannon is also the co-host of Fat Piggy Media, an online start-up company providing original entertainment episodes to television and radio station websites.  She has also hosted a car enthusiast program on PAX, and held stints on commercial radio.  Rhiannon lives in New York City.